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Marijuana laws to Consider When Visiting Nevada

There are many uses associated with marijuana that is referred to scientifically as cannabis sativa. Marijuana has both medicinal and recreational uses. Marijuana can be smoked either as a cigarette, in a pipe or a bong. Medical benefits of marijuana include relieving cancer patients from pain. Shy people can socialize with others after taking marijuana, which also relieves and refreshes them. However, marijuana is not legal in every state. You will find marijuana being legal in a few states.

States, which allow marijuana, have rules to control it. Different states have varying rules and regulations concerning marijuana. Among the states that have, legalized marijuana in Nevada. While considering to visit Nevada it will be wise to research on the laws of marijuana beforehand since going against them can have you facing the law. Here is a guide that can help you stay safe while buying marijuana in Nevada.

If you are below the age of 21 in Nevada, you are not allowed to buy marijuana. If you do not possess a valid ID and you are not 21 years old, you cannot buy marijuana in Nevada. You should have a proof of the required age in Nevada while shopping for marijuana such as an ID. The above rule applies to all citizens of Nevada or tourists. Even if you are from a country that does not allow marijuana, as long as you are of the right age required by marijuana Nevada laws, you can make a purchase. If your state does not allow marijuana, you can shop in Nevada as long as you are 21 years old.

Secondly, you can only purchase marijuana in legal dispensaries in Nevada. The staffs in Nevada will advise you appropriately on the usage of marijuana. Furthermore, purchasing in legalized dispensaries will make sure that you buy genuine marijuana that will not cause you problems.

Thirdly, Nevada marijuana laws do not allow any person to smoke in public space. Smoking marijuana should be in private residence according to Nevada marijuana laws. Marijuana can be smoked inside your residence according to Nevada laws. Smoke marijuana in a place that is not public if you do not want the law to catch up with you.

There is the quantity of marijuana that is allowed by Nevada laws. Only one ounce of marijuana is the amount that is allowed in Nevada. In simple terms, it should not exceed 3.5 grams of concentrate at a time. The same rule applies to the amount that each individual is allowed to have at any time.

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