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The Involvement Of Iran In Syrian Civilian War

The Syrian civilian war has gotten completely out of hand. There has been a lot of destruction on property and a lot of civilian deaths that are ongoing currently.

The civil war has been strengthened by the fact that the Syrian government want to control the rebel groups and the rebel groups are having none of that. Instead in its wake, Syria now has a lot of detainees in their jails who are undergoing a lot physical, emotional, and sexual abuse in the jails. The cities that were once outstanding in their life and beauty are now desolate and are covered with dead bodies and debris. There are hundreds if not thousands of refugees in the neighboring countries now who have nothing they can.

What Iran has been doing on the other hand, however, is to train, fund and offer weaponry to terror groups while offering them shelter. The country has declined any advice to stop doing so from the international community. There is no clear reason given as to why this is still ongoing in Iran. The US government has tried unsuccessfully to get involved in stopping these vices but without much luck. What Iran has is really high tech weaponry and it has been arming itself for years now.

Throughout the Syrian civilian war, Iran has supported the Iranian government under President Assad’s reign. Without this support, Assad’s regime would not be what it is today, it would have probably fallen. Because Iran was a very strong ally Syria and specifically Assad’s government, she gave her all to make sure that the regime was standing. At some point when it seemed like the government would be overthrown and the opposition would take over the country, Iran got into the war head on and mad sure that this wouldn’t happen by providing troops that would protect the government.

At first, Iran didn’t get very involved in the war but offered to give advice and train the soldiers. When things got thick and the war has escalated, Iran decided to go all in and include her own military in the fight. Another thing Iran did is to add into the chemical weaponry of Syria. She has sent her scientists to Syria and even provided the chemicals needed to build these weapons.

Since Iran cannot supply these arms on the ground, they are doing this on air. Iran and Syria have worked to create a safe corridor where they transport these arms. The US has authorized three airlines to transport these arms to Syria from Iran. There was a time when Turkish authorities stopped a truck full of arms that was headed for Syria.

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